Blog: Hi, I Am Now An E-Book Monster!


“Check your Kindle!” says AK. I know such moments. The moments which fill me with surprise and love and kindness. My Kindle receives a new book, one that is not even in my radar. I absorb the cover’s beauty, read the praises, check the total number of hours I would spend with the book, and enter it. As simply as that. No ceremony.

I am content. When my boyfriend can buy and send books to my Kindle just to bring light to my gloomy day, the word ‘content’ is underwhelming. I am happy.

Some things don’t bother me anymore: The jacket is colourless, the comforting scent of the book doesn’t brush my nose, I don’t feel the book’s weight in my hands, I can’t prove that I am a monster by brandishing my dog-eared paperback, I haven’t bought a bookshelf in the last two years, and Anu Boo doesn’t miss barking at Amazon’s delivery guys. And, I don’t participate in the legendary debate — Ebooks vs Print Books.

Because I am a Kindle convert.

There, I have come out.

What possessed me? The reasons are many: The Charlottes in my room have to be shooed away once in two weeks, my bank account now houses the said Charlottes, and Anu Boo and I have to vacate our room if it has to accomodate another bookshelf. So, I surrendered to the compassionate Kindle.

Although I have almost stopped buying physical copies, I can’t answer some questions. What if my friends want to borrow my books? Am I not supposed to collect books and build a library for my children? How could I become a rebel when all my friends are married to physical books? The answers are sent away with the Charlottes. But Michael Crichton was right when he wrote this in Jurassic Park.

Life will find a way.

The family retires for the day and my Anu Boo curls up at my feet. The room is dark. I lie down on my side, thanking the Gods for the comfortable mattress, and facing the Kindle that is propped against the wall. I blink. The room goes behind a veil. I blink. The Kindle disappears. I blink. I am in Berlin. I blink again when slumber clouds my vision. I slip into the oblivion with contentment Happiness that puts its arm around me like a dear one. Peace.

PS: Kindle turns 10 today.

PPS: I have read 121 books this year; 70% of it were read on the Kindle.



23 thoughts on “Blog: Hi, I Am Now An E-Book Monster!

      1. I read a whole article about it but I don’t know which one that is. It is because of skimming. Like how we read on our computer or laptop faster than we read on paper. (Remember they say editors find more mistakes when they get the article in hand rather than on screen?). So because our eye has the tendency to skim over words in digital format, we finish the book faster

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  1. I’m a big fan of the Kindle too and have read zillions of books on it over the last few years. But I do still love paper books too. Like you, though, I simply don’t have room to house any more, so I know that every time I acquire a paper book another one will have to leave home… 😢

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  2. About eight years ago I got my first IPad, i installed the kindle application, I quickly began to load up on free classics, I like to read more than one book at a time and the kindle is perfect for that,
    You can vary the print size, for bloggers it makes it easier to get review books and I also think I can read faster, I way prefer e reading.

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  3. Oh I love my kindle too! It’s great for the big bulky books that I can’t carry around in my bag. I still love physical copies and like the comfort of adding an additional book to my bookshelf. I now save physical books for this MUST HAVE books or classics!

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  4. Wow Deepika, how beautifully you have portrayed your growing relation with Kindle! ❤

    You make me want to try it; however, by doing so, I am afraid if I’ll become a convert as well, thereby endorsing e-books as a preferred opinion to go about one’ reading. An impression I’m unsure I want to convey or even remotely steam out.

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  5. He, he I don’t have a kindle yet, and am not likely to get one in the near future. Though I’ve installed the kindle reader on my e-devices, I use them for reading books that I wouldn’t want to invest too much money on. The cost of kindle is also a major factor influencing my buying decision – I am a kanjoos like that, he he.

    A real book – I love to look at it when it arrives, touch it, fondle it, open the cover and write my name at the top with the date below it, and the name of he place or city below that to serve as a reminder of the day or the period that I bought it. Aunt OT loves to cover any new book with a newspaper, so that it doesn’t spoil, whereas I don’t care much for that. Besides, how would one lend books, if it were in kindle? Isn’t the pleasure of reading a book multiplied when shared with someone you love? And how about that large library that you wanted to leave for your grandchildren? Thanks that you reminded me of that in your post. No, I’m nt going to buy kindle; perhaps I should also uninstall the kindle reader.

    PS: Nice to see you coming out – loved this post for all of that. Take care. 🙂

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    1. Have I told you that I love your long comments, Uncle OT? It’s such a delight.

      Okay! Now I am ambivalent. If you all continue to love physical books so much, I feel guilty for staying with my Kindle. Sigh! Maybe, I will have a bigger room in future, and I will buy more ‘real’ books. 😀

      Your grandchildren are lucky. Their thatha is thoughts. ❤

      PS: I love Auntie OT. 😀

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  6. Whoa you are reading all available kindle books this year! ❤ I want your superpower! 🙂 I enjoy kindle books and ebooks in general, though I still prefer print books 🙂 But it’s a simple cost factor for me, I use Scribd so I have access to more books because my library only has old German books and though I have a bit more money and can buy myself 2 brand new books a month, I need ebooks to fill in the rest of my reading material 😀 The debate usually comes from people who have the privilege of choosing, everyone else uses what works best for them out of necessity. I’m glad kindle books make you happy, and hope many more find their way to you! 🙂

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    1. Whoa! I love your point, Bina. It’s so true.

      There are three wonderful libraries here in Chennai, I hear. I am thinking of visiting them soon. It’s a shame that in spite of living in the city for 30 years, I haven’t been to those places. Maybe, I will let you all know when I go there.

      PS: I borrowed that superpower from you. ❤

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      1. Oooh your libraries sound amazing! I hope you’ll unearth wonderful treasures 🙂 I have the uni library at least through which I can ILL nonfiction for a €1,50, so that is a good thing at least.

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  7. You have outed yourself, LOL. I have an ancient Kindle that weighs a lot, ha. But mostly I read library print books. I think you’ve read twice as many books as me this year. Cheers.

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  8. I’m not yet a total convert, but I bought more ebooks this year than I’ve ever had in my life. It scares me a bit because I prefer and would love to stick with physical books. But I ran out of shelf space and until I can move, it’s best I just get ebooks instead.

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