From Worn Corners, With Love

IMG_20170326_104551_540When I was neck-deep in loneliness, I had Worn Corners; the website was my most intimate friend. I was honest, brash, naive, livid there, and I unleashed all my emotions on the digital pal.

Today, I let go of that friend. Before I could completely grasp the reasons to quit on Worn Corners, I let it go. I removed the posts, deleted the sites, and buried the memories. Poof! Now, I have this clean slate. This fresh screen is staring at me, asking if I am sure about what I did, but I am already beginning again. The only thing which I have always done. Beginning again.

So, I was Worn Corners once. I am now New, Fractured Light. I will record my bookish and not-so-bookish thoughts here. I hope you will continue to send me some love. Thank you! ❤


18 thoughts on “From Worn Corners, With Love

  1. I envy you girl, for being able to discard baggage and move on!
    Wishing you the very best here.

    PS: I wish I had half your resolve and stoicity. *sigh*
    PPS: No, no! I’m not asking to give half of yours. 😛
    PS2: Love to Anu.

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    1. Now that I have received your comment, I feel complete, Uncle OT. 😀

      PS: Nobody has ever used ‘resolve’ and ‘stoicity’ for me. I am happy. *now beings wool-gathering*

      PPS: What! Please take. 😀

      PS2: She says, “Oooooo! Woof!” 😀

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  2. Oh Deepika, I L O V E this, your worn corners are so highly polished now that have indeed evolved and become the light 🙂 You are a true light warrior and this is a great step of acknowledgement and attraction, even in the shadow you always shone a light for others by sharing your experiences and that light attracts light. In the light there is no shadow 🙂 Thank you for shining for us all, showing us the way.

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  3. My breath caught when you wrote that ‘Worn Corners’ no longer exists. There was such beautiful expressive writing on that site. Yes, pain, lots of it, but a part of your life. Is there a way to gather the threads, or is the need to abandon them too great?
    Gogol, the father of the Russian novel, destroyed many of his works…a tragedy.

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    1. Thank you, Heidi. It feels liberating and refreshing to start from the scratch. I could export my posts, but I haven’t figured out a way to access them. So, my posts are safe. Thank you for coming here too, Heidi. 🙂 ❤


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